Lee is in the White Econobum Cover and the Ribbit(Green) Flip and JohnPaul is in the MoonBeam Flip

Flip & Econobum Review

Econobum Review
I believe that this set is truly worth the $10.00 you get a prefold and cover I however find the prefold to be a bit ackward and dont like the bulk on either boy so they do not get used. I love this cover its so plain and simple and I get a good fit on both boys with it. I have 4 of these in my current rotation and would love to get a few more.

Flip Review
I love the durability of the cover its wonderful haven't had a leak yet it fits both boys very very good. I love the stay dry insert it is a very trim option I also regularly use prefolds and flats in this cover with good results. I have a Flip Organic insert on the way to try for overnight use on Lee. I love this cover so much that I now have 15 of them in my current rotation.

Lee started wearing these around 11pounds and is now 13pounds and they still fit wonderful on the smallest setting. JohnPaul is between 34 and 36 pounds and this cover fits him well on the large setting.
Lee around 6 weeks and 11pounds in a Green Mountain Diapers "Small" yellow edge prefold

Lee wearing a Little Lions flat "kite-folded" with the legs jelly rolled again at 7weeks and 12 pounds

Lee at 7 weeks 12 pounds wearing a Green Mountain Diapers "Newborn" prefold - orange edge

Lee wearing his Mosaic Moon "Elements" Longies with a Osocozy Flat underneath at 7weeks 12lbs

Lee wearing his scrappies over a Little Lions flat at 7 weeks 12lbs
Bamboo Velour Preemie prefold around 8 pounds
Unbleached Preemie prefold @ 8 pounds


Cloth Diaper Reviews

I am constantly trying new things and figured I may be able to help others decide what will and will not work for them without spending alot of money so I decided to put it all together in one place. I hope this is of some value to someone.